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Health Spender for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Health Spender in the App Store


Health Spender helps track your family's health history, appointments, insurance, and the expenses that go along with it.

  • Expenses can be classified as eligible for a Flexible Spending Account so that the reimbursement step is not forgotten.
  • Expense information can be exported so that it can be used as input for other programs, such as spreadsheets and personal finance applications.
  • Family immunization records can be stored and conveniently emailed to individuals requiring the information from within Health Spender, such as a child's school administrator.
  • Health journal entries can include custom values so that all test results from doctor's visits can be tracked and not forgotten. Health Journal Entries can also be exported so the information can be sent to a doctor or used in a spreadsheet or other application.
  • Insurance Policies can be tracked in the application along with custom values for a particular policy so you are never without this important information.


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